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Our Story: Why STAIN is important

My name is Harvey Johnson, and I wrote the short film “Stain” (working title). Although the piece takes place in 1972, the themes presented in the film (War, Feminism, Racial Identity, Family Dynamics, etc,) are timely and relevant for today’s audiences. Along with my team, I am working diligently to bring “Stain” to you by making this short film a living, breathing entity as opposed to just words on a page.

In creating STAIN, I hope to encourage dialogue around issues that continue to remain relevant in present-day America. From race to gender to class, politics and war, many, if not all, of these issues in some way affect our contemporary daily lives. Different issues will resonate with audience members in varying degrees depending on what their life path and history is, and it is this variance of life experience that will further encourage and engage conversation, discussion, and possibly healing, and create forward motion toward a better understanding of how we as human beings relate to one another, express ourselves and, ultimately, love.

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