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Welcome to STAIN, a short film written and directed by Harvey Q Johnson - the most dedicated Film Fansite around. Here you will find the latest updates, exclusive info and media, fan stories, and so much more. We’re based in Los Angeles, but are always looking to grow and expand our spheres of influence. Feel free to explore the site and join our fun and vibrant community!

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My name is Harvey Johnson, and I wrote the short film “Stain”. Although the piece takes place in 1972, the themes presented in the film (War, Feminism, Racial Identity, Family Dynamics, etc,) are timely and relevant for today’s audiences. My hope is that this piece will inspire dialogue, invite discussion and create forward motion toward a better understanding of how we as human beings relate to one another, express ourselves and, ultimately, love. This website was created as a place for fans, both old and new, to come together and share their passion and excitement. We want to create a comfortable and considerate environment where everyone is free to contribute and enjoy.

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